Cognitive Bigotry

Cognitive Bigotry 

In retrospect, my grandmother, my mother, and her sisters suffered the serious character flaw of Cognitive Bigotry. This is a form of social and interpersonal inductive reasoning. A cognitive bigot will focus on a single small flaw in another person’s looks, actions or personality and then expand that to the inverse logical level that the entire person is basically no good at all and without any redeeming features whatsoever.This flaw will then obviate any further form of social interaction.

A cognitive bigot, for example in looking at a picture of Marilyn Monroe would only see the small black mole on her face, utilizing this insignificant smudge as making her wholly ugly and undesirable. Not a gorgeous woman at all, but just one giant ugly black blemish. Jacqueline Kennedy might harbor this opinion of Marilyn too, but not because of the mole; whereas President John apparently saw some perfection in other anatomical parts of pulchritudinous Marilyn.

My mother once objected to my dating a girl whose only flaw was having acne-pit scars on her face. When she met the woman, not only would the overprotective maternal bitch not even speak to her, but as she turned a cold shoulder and retired to her bedroom, I heard her make disgusting pseudo-puking noises instead. Beside the furtively embarrassing insult, the gross sound effects alone were sufficient grounds for matricide.

This behavior was not limited to a personal level either. For example, she would sometimes look at beautiful or handsome movie stars on TV and in some uncanny ability to draw a mental line through their faces, then suddenly proclaim completely out of the blue that the actress or actor had a facial asymmetry that resulted in the person having both one good side and one bad side.

  • “Everyone does, you know. You do to, Alan. Look in the mirror and try it yourself sometime. You’ll see.

I am sure the vanity-based personalities of these certain stars would probably agree with her, but when one is that good looking, I suppose the smallest personal flaw is irksome and worthy of correction. Ergo, on the eighth day, God created Plastic Surgeons; and on the ninth day he invented Botox.

Already having had enough trouble with other more pressing adolescent neuroses such as perfecting my pomade glued hair, than to have to tack on the angst about always showing the good side of my face; I never did attempt the Janus mirror exercise. When I became older, I realized that looking at the sometimes-lopsided good side or the irreverent bad side of a person’s character or soul counted for much more than his or her asymmetrical external looks.

The real problem with my mother and my aunts was that as they got older, they began to forget to look in the mirror themselves. If they had, they would have seen a little pod of graying, wrinkled, overweight, cackling matrons: losing their looks as they subconsciously blended themselves into a collective clone of their chubby little mother. Just all-around fat and symmetrically mean.

Cognitive bigotry is a lethal character flaw that on the smallest scale precludes the possibility of meeting or interacting with people who, given the chance, may turn out to become a best friend or even a soul mate. On the larger scale it can lead to racial bigotry, genocide and even to war.

  • Hey. Get a load of them nasty lookin’ people. They dress bad and they smell funny too.
  • Yeah. Just like some stinky old gommies.






 He that is without sin among you,

Let him first cast a stone at her.

(The Bible)


The Stoning of Saint Peter Julius Schnoor Carolsfeld/Wisconsin Lutheren Synod:© Daily Bible Study



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