Polar Opposites

  Polar Opposites: Personality but not Genes


Granny Evetts and Granddad Cooper

A typical repartee that defined the difference in personalities between my Texan grandparents was Arthur’s wholly unbiased statement when asked after the wedding reception what he thought of his son Bill’s second marriage, followed by Nora’s cryptic response:

  • Hey Arthur. What’s y’all family’s thinkin’ bout Bill and his brand new sexy hot-pants wife?”
  • Well. I suppose that right about now Bill and Jean are both purdy darn happy about the whole thing. He’s happy about the hole—and she’s happy about the thing.”
  • Oh Arthur. That is just totally dis…gusting. And just about as dis…gusting as each of their shameful divorces, too. Shame. Then more shame, and shame on the whole lot of you and your cigarette smokin’ whiskey drinkin’ friends. The whole damn bunch of ya needs to be puttin’ in a bit more of some good old-fashioned Bible readin’ church time, if’n ya ask me. Y’all outa start out with Genesis 19 and read that piece again about Sodom and Gomorrah.”


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