Camelot. The Myth and the Whitewashing


It became pathetic fallacy after the death of both Kennedy brothers that the contrived nostalgic formulation of the Camelot myth finally gave them the historical halo they could not achieve in life. It was a myth coined posthumously by Jackie. In reality, when J.F.K. went to Dallas, his popularity had waned, he had already lost Cuba, while at the same time his wife was lonely, miserable, depressed and fed up with his whore-mongering.

The Kennedy brothers had learned philandering lessons at home by the scion of the family Old Poppa Joe; who taught them well enough to pass them all with flying colors of A+ grades. Father Joe had a long running affair with Gloria Swanson who in referring to Rose Kennedy stated that the apparently always-effervescent wife must have either been “A saint, a fool, or maybe just a better actress” than she was herself.

Jack, not wanting to be other than a chip off the old block, was rumored to have had numerous affairs as well as a long-term relationship with Judith Exner, whom he kept billeted at the Mayflower Hotel, and then shuttled her over to the White House whenever Jackie was out of town.

Was it just a coincidence then that this woman was also a close friend of Sam Giancana, a man who was intimately associated with the President’s assassination?

Then in not wanting to be outdone, it was also rumored that when Ted got married to Eunice, and simultaneously with the rice being thrown on the Church steps, he joked to his brothers that although the cow had just been purchased there was still a great deal of free milk to be had out in the rest of the herd.  I am sure that Mary Joe Kopeckne would heartily agree to that.

Knowing about Jack’s notorious multiple affairs and one night stands, perhaps the moniker then applied to JFK’s administration was simply misinterpreted or perhaps only misspelled by the press and in retrospect should be more realistically referred to as Came-a-lot.

Beside amphetamines and steroids, Jack Kennedy was also addicted to sex. In the book “The Dark Side of Camelot” by Seymour Hirsch, Kennedy was quoted as saying that he got a migraine headache if he “didn’t get a strange piece of ass every day.”

It is also frightening to think that decisions such as those involving the Cubans and their nuclear missiles were being made by a man who required regular doses of steroids and amphetamines to keep his back pain in check, his Addison’s Disease controlled, or simply to keep him up and going. Both drugs can make a person completely irrational, as well as inappropriately aggressive or even suicidal. If you don’t think so, just ask Adolph Hitler, another speed freak, and excessively drugged Demagogue what he might have thought about that as he put the gun to his head in the bunker.

History quiz:

Q: Ever wonder why JFK always had such a cute, round, cheeky pie face?

A: Regular use of steroids.

The notorious Dr. Max Jacobsen of Southampton, New York being more than happy to shoot the President up with his favorite drug cocktails, as requested or required by his “patient”, subscribed to the philosophy that when it comes to dangerous drugs one should not just say “no” but rather “just don’t tell me what’s in that stuff.” Then you, as President, simply plead ignorant to the Senate subcommittee investigating your actions. Long before the hippie era, Jacobsen was often referred to as the original “Dr. Feelgood.”

I once asked my CIA friend; if he knew who had really killed John F. Kennedy. Having brow beaten him more than once for the information, each time he not only ventured no response but also politely pretended not to hear me at all. In getting the message I never asked him again as I did not care to join the ranks of the many other people connected to the Kennedy case and who also died under very mysterious circumstances. There were simply too many people who kept too many secrets and I did not want to be yet another corpse added to the hit list of the nebulous group of men who were meticulously eliminating them all one by one.

Nevertheless, however smart, dumb or at times even as casually indifferent they may often tend to be; Americans will always hate passionately being patently lied to. One thing for sure is that they are not naïve.

The Kennedy assassination case will never go away because it has never been conclusively solved or logically and forensically explained to anyone’s satisfaction. Many U.S. citizens are then left to believe that the Warren Commission was nothing more than a pathetic whitewash of true events and real facts.

The day after the document was released to the general public, whole heartedly endorsed by LBJ, was the day that the average U.S. citizen began losing faith in its government and began to realize that Washington insiders were a deceitful gaggle of good old boys.

In reality, this elite clique were then, and still tend to be nothing better than an American version of the Soviet Politburo.



Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a great fall.

(Proverbs 16:18)




White Wash Norman Rockwell



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