The Genetics of Bigotry

The Genetics of Bigotry 

Here is a good illustration of how bigotry operates at the genetic level.

When Spain conquered Mexico there were three races that came into play: Indigenous Indian, European Caucasian, and a few Negro slaves brought along by the Conquistadors. Later in time a few Chinese got snuck into the mix as well.

In general, and although to this day there remain intact gene pools in all three racial blood lines, there was enough interbreeding over the next twenty generations after the conquest to have created four large groups of people living in the country; distributed on a statistical basis as follows;

Caucasian:     9%

Mestizo:       60%

Indian:         30%

Other:             1%

Mestizos is the term applicable to any admixture of Caucasian with Indian; or throw in a little Negro here and there if you so desire, and you get a factor that really confounds the whole schemata.

Also generally speaking, it is the Caucasian Mexicans as descendants of Aragon and Castilian Spaniards, who own, control and rule the country. Thus, whereas the Mestizo largely makes up the working class, the 10 million or so Indians, who originally owned the land are largely consigned to being impoverished.

This makes the social hierarchy like the Communist model in which there is a very small ruling elite, a large slave labor pool, and then those who are expendable.

Therefore, it was an ignominious fate if your Caucasian ancestor, probably a rutting male, had sex with your Indian ancestor, accounting for why you now have to work for a living. However, this is not nearly as bad as if he had not so procreated because then you would be pure Indian and have nothing at all; not even a job.

In this social structure, you would even be better off if you happened to have a little black slave blood.

Based on the percentages it appears that either there must have a lot of rutting; or in the purely practical terms; if being a Spanish soldier so far away from Aragon, for such a long time, and even though your own mother back home would hardly approve, the rule of the day would undoubtedly have been “any port in a storm.”

Trust me on this one, even the most extremely bigoted white supremacist would probably take a black woman to bed, if after a nuclear holocaust, she happened to be the only female left on earth. Adam and Yvonne.

And although the general term that applied to this White, Indian and Black admixing hybridization came to be known as “mulato” or “little mule,” it is still the case that in the generic category of mulato there are yet perhaps as many as thirteen further subdivisions based on how much of what mix you happen to have as well as sometimes whether the mixing came from your father or your mother.

  • Peninsular (gachupin): Spanish-Spanish; both parents born in Spain
  • Criollo (Espanol): Spanish-Spanish; lower status; one parent born in Mexico
  • Limpio (clean origin): Both parents Spanish but cannot be proved
  • Mestizo: Spanish-Indian
  • Mulato: Spanish-Negro
  • Coyote: Mulato-Indian
  • Calpamulato: Indain-Mulato
  • Zambo grifo: Mulato-Negro
  • Galfarro: Negro-Mulato
  • Zambaigo: Indian-Chinese
  • Cambujo: Chinese-Indian
  • Lobo (wolf): Indian-Negro
  • Zambo (lascivious monkey): Negro-Indian; ergo little black Sambo

With dogs, it’s considerably easier.

If not a thoroughbred of any kind, you simply become a “mutt.”

Texans in the 1800s also had a simpler nomenclature. For example, a person who is one-eighth Indian or Negro would be known as an Octoroon, and would have such light skin color as well as such other Caucasian attributes as to possibly pass off in the highest castes of Mexican society.

But for the most part currently, the Mexican social system is a rigidly hierarchical one creating the many social and economic boundaries that cannot be crossed among the various castes.

This is not as bad as in India, however, where a truly rigid caste system exists and the where the quintessential height of genetic bigotry places its bottom dwellers in the relatively insulting group known as “Untouchables.”

  • But how do they mate, then, if they cannot touch or be touched?
  • That’s the point. We don’t want them to.



Better                                                            Worse

In Mexico, being not the least bit ashamed of showing rank and reminding you of your exact place in the social hierarchy, they even paint it on the walls.



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