I am  a recently retired  Cardiologist. This Memoir tracks  what I refer to as a “para-biography;” life experiences which serve as the core for the ongoing layers of an onion skin that produces a unique personality and a unique personal philosophy. Sigmund Freud might agree that a child’s personality develops inductively from the inside-out; but would have to be peeled back deductively  from the outside-in when eventually untangled as an adult. It also demonstrates that viewpoints are mutable, then change and evolve over time.

My beliefs are personal, and as such should be taken with the grain of salt that does not require debate. For the most part, if reading to the end; one will see that a great deal of it becomes somewhat ecumenical. This is a long journey which will be published incrementally. Each vignette stands by itself; yet each one is interwoven to the rest like the interlocking pieces of a jig-saw puzzle .

I also attach a disclaimer about  included or attached material that may be copy righted; will identify and credit this material as such and will make every effort to protect identities where indicated; either by changing names or deleting certain photographs that exist in the original text.


The text of this work is copyrighted.

Unless otherwise stipulated as being personal property or cited as specific proprietary items, all photographic inserts, including some with copyright logos were obtained by downloading them from the public domain website: Google Images. Many of these items, including what may or may not be copyright materials are reduplicated on multiple websites and therefore also seem to be in the public domain.

Material bearing copyright logos is credited as such and although sincere efforts were made to contact these sources for permission to use material, not all sources responded. Those that did respond granted permission.

This graphic material is designed exclusively for entertainment purposes, solely to illustrate certain points made in the text and is not for the commercial exploitation of the material itself nor implies that the source condones any related content. If any entity requires that their material be expunged from this work, please contact me and I will be happy to eliminate the item.

Most factual material not otherwise known as common knowledge was obtained by research using Wikipedia, The Online Encyclopedia, as a primary source. Any other material is credited to the specific source of information.



  1. Cardiologist?
    Oh God..Did I just meet a Cardiologist?
    Hey, just a confession – I wanted to be a heart specialist in life..but landed up somewhere else!
    It would be great to know you 🙂


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